Ibanez RG1527 -- Cheapest Price; Easy Payments; Great Reviews

Ibanez RG1527 -- Cheapest Price; Easy Payments; Great Reviews

Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

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Having the right guitar for your playing skills and tendencies makes the art that much more enjoyable. Finding that guitar is a downright fun process in itself. The right body style and wood, a comfortable neck and ideal fretboard, preferable pick-ups etc. - you can and should be choosy.

It's no secret that hard rock and metal players like the stratocaster-styled body but with a faster and more higher-fret accessible fretboard. If you feel similarly and have the added need for a 7-string axe, the Ibanez RG1527 should warrant some serious consideration.

For the money, this guitar brings some considerable "shreditude" (aptitude for shredding) to the table. The RG1527 has a basswood body that is surprisingly resonance-friendly and it pairs well with the guitar's 5-pc maple Wizard-7 Prestige neck.

Players that are fond of frenetic fretwork are going to enjoy this neck and its rosewood fretboard. It's renowned as being fast and at 430 mm in radius it's designed to accommodate all 7 strings on the RG1527. As mentioned, higher frets are more easily accessed with the Ibanez body being cut away more pronouncedly than the strat. Perfect for Yngwie J. Malmsteens in training!

A pair of Ibanez Vintage 87 and 77 humbucker pickups add to the screamer identity of this guitar. Each of them are designed explicitly for the use of 7 strings and bring plenty of rip to your sound. They're at the behest of a 5-way pickup selector switch located between the volume and tone dials on the RG1527. The Edge Pro 7 bridge is a big part of this axe as well. It features sliding string shoulders to avoid the problem of misplaced string holder blocks. In addition, each saddle has a unique sound metal chip on it which promotes sustain precisely on the intonation point. The Edge Pro's locking tremolo is ease-of-operation as well.

Durable and attractive chrome hardware and a choice of several colour finishes round out the Ibanez RG1527. This is one guitar you can count on to aptly reproduce your growing nuances and playing particularities, all for a reasonable price.

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