Ibanez RG1527M Prestige 7-String Electric Guitar -- Best Price; Indepth Reviews

Ibanez RG1527M Prestige 7-String Electric Guitar -- Best Price; Indepth Reviews

Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

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Electric guitar fans never seem to get enough. They keep asking for more and Ibanez keeps responding with new models that come with additional features. The RG Prestige line isn't left out of these constant improvements hence the introduction of the RG1527M.

As we have all come to expect, this one too has the fast, flat Prestige neck, drop-dead good looks and double-locking trems, plus new finishes, maple fretboards and new pickup configurations featuring DiMarzio(R) Air Norton(TM), True Velvet(TM) and Tone Zone(R) pickups.

Let's See The Features...

The new RG1527MGW's ripping tones come from a V77 pickup in the neck position and a V87 in the bridge position. It also comes with a 5-piece maple/wenge Wizard-7 Prestige neck with maple fretboard.

The Edge Pro Tremolo represents a serious advancement in tremolo technology. They have made a number of innovations here...

i. You know the problem you sometimes have when changing strings: You can easily lose your string holder blocks. This problem has been dealth with in the Edge Pro. This is because they've designed the sliding string holders to be a part of the bridge. You can rest assured that they can't drop from the saddle unit.

ii. The Edge-PRO design makes it totally unnecessary for you to cut off the ball end of your strings when installing new strings.

iii. It has a feature that helps increase sustain at the intonation point (which happens to be the most critical area). This feature is the Sound Metal Chip on each saddle.

Pure Opinion...

This is a very well built electric guitar. I think you'll love the nice pickups, tremolo, neck, feel and more. The tremelo on it is quite great and it stays in tune which is a very good thing. If you want a sweet clean sound, you'll get it. If you also want distortion, you'll get it. However, like you may already know, some guitarists might have a preference for some particular pickups other than these.

Some folks might consider it a little expensive but, hey, don't forget that this is a Prestige. Believe me, it's a nice guitar for its price.

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