Ibanez RG1550M Prestige Electric Guitar (with Case) -- Cheapest Price; Indepth Review

Ibanez RG1550M Prestige Electric Guitar (with Case) -- Cheapest Price; Indepth Review

Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

This store sells the Ibanez RG1550M at the cheapest price (They have a guarantee to that effect and an easy payment plan). Also, get indepth video and text reviews if you've yet to make up your mind. Now let's get started with our review...

Ibanez RG1550M is another model that follows in the footsteps of all members of the prestige family: have the fast, flat Prestige necks, drop-dead good looks and double-locking trems, plus new finishes, maple fretboards and new pickup configurations featuring DiMarzio(R) Air Norton(TM), True Velvet(TM) and Tone Zone(R) pickups.

The bridge pickup is a Vintage 8 model V8 humbucker with Alnico magnet. And what does that give you? warm and articulate lead pickup plus enhanced overtones. The harmonics are good. You don't have excessive brightness.

The middle pickup is a Single 1 (S1) single coil with Alnice magnet. This is designed to work with humbuckers in the split position. You get the traditional sound but you do have even string out thanks to Alnico's 5 pole pieces.

The neck pickup is a Vintage 7 model V7 humbucker with ceramic magnet. What do you get from that? A tight but bright sound. If you are into chording and rhythm, you'll find this very dynamic.

A lot of advancement has also been made on this guitar with respect to the tremolo -- The Edge Pro Tremolo. Measures have been put in place to prevent the string holder blocks from getting lost when you change strings. They've also made it unnecessary for you to cut off the ball end of your string while changing strings. The sustain too has been improved thanks to sound metal chips on each saddle.

Pure Opinion...

You get an amazing quality on this guitar. This guitar gives you a very good price to value ratio (Don't forget that it comes with an hardshell custom case). But for those of you who want to make something more from any guitar, this one could use some help on the pickups. It will turn to an elite electric guitar if you can invest some extra $300 on locking studs and pickups (But then elite guitars could cost 3 times more).

This guitar by itself sounds wonderful. That is inevitable considering the great combination of woods especially that Maple neck. But as with everything guitar, this is very subjective.

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