Ibanez RG320 -- Lowest Price Guaranteed; Great Review Too

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Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

Are you looking for an Ibanez RG320? Here's where to buy it at the lowest price -- Guaranteed.

Also, get great reviews in both video and text on this page... Imagine if you had a quarter for every time each day a guitarist, anywhere worldwide, thought "I need a better guitar at a fair price." Would you be rich? Not likely, but you'd have one heck of a lot of quarters.

Players who invest the time in practice and learning commonly outgrow their 1st guitars quite quickly. The playing deficiencies in them are exposed in short order, and they need a 6-string that is a step-up. It's never a challenge to find one, but finding one at a reasonable price can be.

Put the word out - the Ibanez RG320 electric guitar is the perfect "next step" guitar for players on a budget. The RG320 features a surprisingly tone-friendly basswood body in Ibanez's classic "super strat" double-cutaway design. The 24 jumbo frets that line the rosewood fretboard on a maple neck are decidedly player friendly.

The neck is an Ibanez Wizard II that is thinner than a standard neck and sports dot inlays. The name fairly implies that this guitar is nicely compatible with intermediate players who want to learn to fly.

Both the Ibanez Humbucker pickups (1 bridge / 1 neck) on this guitar are at the beckoning of a 5-way selector switch. The quality of the pickups and the range of tone options available with them make the RG320 surprisingly versatile.

It can go from metal-crunchy to sparkling clean strat-like tone with ease and genuinely "overachieves" with a quality amplifier. An Ibanez Floyd-Rose patent bridge with floating tremolo is standard issue on the Ibanez RG320. It's very responsive and playable but is known to be not the most user-friendly design available in this range guitars.

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