Ibanez RG321MH Electric Guitar -- Best Price; Great Review

Ibanez RG321MH Electric Guitar -- Best Price; Great Review

Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

Get your Ibanez RG321MH Electric Guitar here at the lowest price guaranteed. Here's a review for those who need to know more about this guitar...

This guitar has become something of a standard for rock players. It is very heavy and therefore gives you very rich warm lows and incredible sustain all thanks to the mahogany body. If you are used to Dimarzio PAF-PRO pickups, then the pickups in this guitar (INF3/INF4 pickups) sound just like them.

It might be simple but it's certainly robust. And if you want to join in the complaint that it lacks tremolo due to its fixed bridge, then be reminded that you get a level of sustain that's simply NOT possible on tremolo bridges -- Ask anyone who's had some years of experience grinding axes and you'll find that this is true.

However, I might complain about the fact that it lacks a middle pickup. This is because having such a feature will provide more tonal variation and some very clean tones. But, anyway, it won't be required in many styles.

But let's face the truth: You'll find it hard to believe that the RG321MH gives such quality at such a low price. One customer who happens to be a Paul Gilbert fan bought it in the hope of having a poor imitation of a PGM. He planned to do some fixing up here and there in order to bring it up to standards a little. But here's what he said after getting it...

"It turned out I don't even need to do any fixing! I would've paid double what I paid for this guitar no questions asked having played it."

For its price, the Ibanez RG321MH is certainly one guitar you'll use for a long time. And when you do upgrade, you'll only be more pleased with an authentic PGM along with a full tone stack which (I am told will cost you close to six grand!). However, this one is under $300.

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