Ibanez RG350DX -- Cheapest Price Guarantee; Indepth Reviews

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Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

Buy your Ibanez RG350DX electric guitar at this store at the cheapest price -- Guaranteed (And in 4 easy payments)! Also, get great reviews (both video and text) to help you make better decisions. Now let's start our indepth review...

The Ibanez RG350DX spots the ultra-fast Wizard II neck and Ibanez IBZ INF Infinity series pickups for the hottest sound and fastest playability in its price range. It comes comes with a warm smoth tone and has a good pick attact -- Thanks to its 3-piece maple neck and bound rosewood fretboard.

You also get 24 jumbo frets and a basswood body, and black hardware. And the RG350DX's stable Ibanez Edge III tremolo bridge is quite comparable to what you'd get in some of the more expensive Ibanez models.

the new Edge III is similar in construction and feel to the original, popular Ibanez Edge locking trem, however this version also features lower profile fine-tuners inspired by the lo-PRO Edge and massive, new-design saddles.

Pure Opinion...

The fit and finishing you'll get on this guitar is certainly more than we'd come to expect for a guitar in this price range. The volume knobs have a precision that might be compared with those of a more expensive guitar. The pick up selector switch is also good enought. However, some folks have complained that they have some trouble having it stay in tune. But the fine tuners make it very easy for you to get it back in tune.

Are you a Satriani or big Vai fan? Do you also know how to do locking trems? Then you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you'd get from this guitar. However, you might have to adjust to it if you are used to a strat or any other guitar that has more of a C-shaped neck. This one is D-shaped -- Ideal for shredding.

While you won't compare what it can do to what an American Gibson will do, don't forget that it is will also cost you about a fifth of the price. It's NOT the perfect guitar. However, you'll find it very hard for you to get anything under $500 that will come even close. If you have more music than cash, then this one is right for you.

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