Ibanez RG350EX Electric Guitar -- Cheapest Price Guarantee; Indepth Review

Ibanez RG350EX Electric Guitar -- Cheapest Price Guarantee; Indepth Review

Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

Get your Ibanez RG350EX Electric Guitar at the cheapest price -- Guaranteed at this store. They'll beat any price even up to 30 days from when you place your order. Also, Get indepth reviews here (video and text) to enable you make better decisions in your purchase. So let's get into the review...

If you are a hard rock player then you definitely know that the RG series have become something of a standard for much over a decade. So once you see that a guitar is a part of this series, you can certainly take it for granted that it must deliver on certain things.

But then let's look at the RG350EX in details...

Wizard II neck: Compared with the super-flat Ibanez wizard, this one is 2mm thicker. You get a fast feeling when playing this guitar.

Due to it's basswood body, you'll get a good blend of lows and highs considering that basswood has a tone character that is in between what you'd expect from a mahogany and an alder. And because it is also a lightweight wood when compared with the others, you'll still feel comfortable after playing for a long period. This means you've got nothing to worry if you have very long gigs.

The 24 jumbo frets make it easier for leads and chording. And if you want speed, this one feels quite fast. And the bound rosewood finger board has a very good response and makes it easy for you to finger tap.

This guitar comes with the IBZ INF3 (H) neck PU, IBZ INFS3 (S) mid PU and IBZ INF4 (H) bridge PU. Together they deliver good lows and very clear highs that scream and cut right through.

With the Edge III bridge you can rest assured that your guitar stays in tune consistently. Like someone said, "The fixed bridge design offers thru-body stringing for stronger tone and sustain." However, some folks might actually prefer it had a screw in whammy bar.

All in all this guitar is very good for shredding and fast speed picking. And for the price at which it is sold, it a very good deal -- It's a professional electric guitar that looks and sounds great.

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