Ibanez RG370DX -- Best Price Guarantee; Indepth Review

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Ibanez RG370DX -- Best Price Guarantee; Indepth Review

Get your Ibanex RG370DX at the best price at this store. Would you like to learn more about it? Here's an indepth review along with a video showcase for you...

Not everyone who's getting comfortable with the electric guitar is going to follow Ol' Slowhand's lead. Some burgeoning axe wielders feel compelled to put their guitar through its paces. They're going to work that fretboard over - mad hammer-ons, power chords galore and breakneck-speed solos.

They're hard rockers, metalheads, and thrash demons. They need a guitar that will give life to what they have in mind. They need an Ibanez RG370DX guitar.

Renowned Japanese manufacturer Ibanez is one of the premiere choices for players who are out to "shred" on the guitar. The RG370DX is more than up to that challenge and boasts high-end design features perfect for it. It starts with a basswood body that allows Ibanez to keep it affordable, but still brings sufficient resonance.

Its Wizard II necks is thinner than standard ones and has jumbo frets on a bound rosewood fretboard. Both of the neck and fret size are preferable for players with constantly busy fret hands. In keeping with that orientation, Ibanez guitars are more pronouncedly cut away for easier high-fret access.

The Ibanez RG370DX boasts 3 separate INFINITY pickups at the command a 5-way selector switch. The bridge pickup is an Infinity 4 humbucker and serves as a brilliant lead. It owns a warm sound with good harmonics. The mid is an Infinity 3 single coil for traditional sound but geared for high output.

The neck is a 3 humbucker and provides the dynamic sound for chording and rhythm. The Edge 3 locking tremolo bridge on all RG370DXs has the same feel and construction of the original Edge bridge but a few select differences. It features lower profile tuners for better palm comfort and extraordinary tuning stability in the face of demanding playing. Two screws in the arm pocket of the Edge III allow for easy adjustment and torque setting.

Classic sharktooth inlays along the fretboard are classic cool and a final touch for this rocker of a guitar. If you're moving in that direction, take a look at Ibanez RG370DX guitars.

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