Ibanez RG450DXB Left-Handed Electric Guitar

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Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

Unleash the full force of an Ibanez RG guitar with the RG450DXB. This shred-worthy axe offers the blazing rock tone of an Ibanez with a super-fast Wizard III neck and expressive Edge-Zero II tremolo system to put it to use. Though most commonly associated with metal and other hard rock genres, the versatile humbucker-single-humbucker pickup configuration primes this guitar for everything from high-octane shredding and dive-bombs to subtle rock and even jazz rhythm parts. All coming in at a fantastic price, the RG450DXB is a great choice for budding and veteran rockers alike.

Super-Fast Neck, Super-Comfortable Body

Countless guitarists continue to embrace Ibanez RG-style guitars for their inviting feel and effortless playability. Like other RG guitars, the RG450DXB just begs to be picked up and played for hours on end with its sleek, dual-cutaway body and ergonomic back contour. The three-piece Wizard III neck features a wide, flat profile with gradually increasing width and thickness. Shred at the highest reaches of the rosewood fretboard with precision and finesse or dig into chunky chords near the nut -- the Wizard III neck makes any style of play a breeze.

Three Versatile Pickups

Explore a wide range of tones with the three pickup configuration of the RG350DXB. Though most commonly associated with sizzling hard rock tones of Ibanez's golden era, the three pickup set of the RG350DXB also provides a wide range of styles to explore. With an INF3 humbucker at the neck, INFS3 single-coil in the middle, INF4 humbucker at the bridge, and a five-way pickup selector to switch between them, the RG350DXB features no lack of tonal versatility. Through both clean and distorted channels or any number of stompboxes, this axe shines with enough character to cut through any mix.

Edge-Zero II Tremolo Bridge

For added expressiveness and versatility, this axe comes loaded with an Edge-Zero II tremolo system. While many "Floyd"-style trems can lead to unstable tuning, the RG350DXB includes a set of locking tuning studs at the nut as well as fine-tuners on the bridge to ensure that your tuning stays tight and true through any gig or recording session. Whether you're adding just a slight variation to the end of your riff or exploding in an all-out dive-bomb of '80s metal heroics, the Edge-Zero II is a tremolo you can trust to get the job done with stability and accuracy.


- Ultra-fast three-piece Wizard III neck - Scorching INF Infinity Series pickups with an INF3 at the neck, INFS3 in the middle and INF4 at the bridge with five-way pickup selector - Bound rosewood fingerboard - Sleek black hardware and jagged inlays - 24 jumbo frets for enhanced and easy bending - Edge-Zero II tremolo system with locking nut studs for tuning stability

For guitarists looking for a pro-level rock machine at a not-so-pro-level price, the RG350DXB is a stellar choice. From the versatile pickup set to the innovative tremolo system and neck profile, this axe sports no lack of exhilarating features to help you storm any stage or studio.

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- Neck Type: Wizard III 3 piece Maple - Body: Basswood - Fretboard: Bound rosewood with Sharktooth inlay - Frets: Jumbo - Bridge: STD-DL - Neck Pickup: Quantum (Humbucker) - Middle Pickup: Quantum (Single Coil) - Bridge Pickup: Quantum (Humbucker) - Hardware Color: Black

Neck Dimensions

- Scale 648mm/25.5" - a: Width at Nut 43mm - b: Width at Last Fret 58mm - c: Thickness at 1st 19mm - d: Thickness at 12th 21mm - Radius: 400mm

Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers

Shipping Weight: 12 lbs Shipping Dimensions: 43 x 17 x 4 in Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): RG450DXBWHL