Ibanez RG7321 7-String Electric Guitar -- Cheapest Price; Best Review

Ibanez RG7321 7-String Electric Guitar -- Cheapest Price; Best Review

Available in: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico

Buy the Ibanez RG7329 7-String Electric Guitar at the lowest price at this store (This is a guarantee). Take advantage of their easy payment plan. Now let's give you an indepth review (video and text) to help you make up your mind if you're yet undecided...

Summary of What You Get...

i. You get the hard-edge cutting tone you need for a style like heavy rock. This is thanks to the pickups and their placement.

ii. 24 fret thin flat necks (25.5 scale neck is 2mm thicker than the super-thin, super-flat Ibanez Wizard). The 24 jumbo frets make it really easy for you to play leads and handle those chords.

iii. Stay comfortable even if you have to play for long periods. The RG7321 is made of basswood -- A relatively lightweight wood. It also gives you a good balance on your high and low notes.

iv. Fixed 7 bridge: This guarantees that your guitar won't get out of tune easily. You also have an easy time changing your strings. Note: Thru the body stringing provides greater low-end and sustain.

Pure Opinion...

For most players, the RG7321 is ready to play out of the box. Folks with extreme tastes might want to mess around with things a bit. But the tone should be about perfect for anyone buying a guitar within this price range.

The Axis 7 pickups respond well to harmonics. They also do well on both high and low notes. The bridge pickup seems to have a somewhat muddy sound and you might notice a little feedback if you have extremely sharp ears (You can always add a more expensive pickup if you want something with a superior flavor).

You'll love the 5-Way switch between the humbuckers. The fixed bridge is good enough but folks suggest that Ibanez needs to do something about the saddle bridge screws. They claim it tends to dig into their hands when they palm mute. But even such folks will tell you that you soon get used to them.

It is generally tuned to B but you'll likely get a better sound if you tune it a little lower. Make it (ADGCFAD) and see if you don't prefer how it sounds.

It might NOT have a "wow" look but it's built to last and does deliver on the job. You'll be hard pressed to find a better 7-string guitar for under $500.

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